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MassXploit - WebDav Exploitation In It’s Mass

MassXploit WebDav Debug

MassXploit is a tool I’ve been recently working on, and is still in progress. It takes advantage of one of the most simple exploits available, the WebDav exploit, which is simply when a web server keeps the default “wampp/xampp” credentials on their WebDav configuration, we can login, and upload whatever we want.

This exploit has not been very effective recently as it has become saturated and there is a downfall in the amount of vulnerable servers, however there are still many vulnerable servers out there to be found.

The difference with this tool is that it is to be used over a botnet. All the victim systems will scan for vulnerable websites, exploit them, then upload the exploited server data to a MySQL database. So it’s just the general exploit, apart from doing it over mass amount of PC’s rather than one, having a great effect.

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