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Project “Booter Down”

Project Booter Down is something new, you may or may not of heard of ‘Shell Booters’, a product widely sold in the online black market, used for short term DDoS attacks using compromised websites and servers. The idea of ‘Booter Down’ is that they take down all booters that are of poor quality, run by scammers etc. which the majority are, as it is seen as a quick and easy income for the ‘n00b h3ckerz’.

Booter Down uses a simple, yet effective, method to take down Shell Booters which is by simply reporting the illegal content to their host, which often succeeds as these low-life 12 year olds host their booters on $5/month hosting with Terms of Service disallowing the content they have uploaded. 

Booter Down Website

The beauty of this project is that they openly show the other booters on their website, with a list of 20+ links to booter control panels, all of which are either down, suspended or claiming to be ‘under maintenance’. The fun part is, you can also get involved, they encourage you to report booters to hosts and upload pictures of successfully managing to take down booters through reporting them to their host.

On this blog post, we won’t say much. We just want to see screenshots of you guys sending in abuse reports to hosts that are hosting shitty booters. Leave the screenshots in the comments.

This project is ran by ‘Orgy’ and ‘BV1’, and I wish them the best of luck with the project, you can visit the website at: